About Us


Red Fox Resources was founded on a strategy to acquire high-quality, advanced exploration targets with the potential to rapidly increase value.  For Red Fox this means:

  • Working in areas that are known to be mineralised, with existing significant or world class deposits.  This decreases the geological risk, and also has good proximity to infrastructure to facilitate development.
  • Leveraging historical data to select projects with well-defined targets.   These targets have not been followed up, either due to unfavourable market conditions in the past, have not been tested at signifcant depths or there have been significant advances in geological understanding that allow us to re-interpret the minerals sytems to define new targets.
  • All of our targets are well defined, needing a small amount of low-cost ground work using state of the art technologies to be advanced to drill status.   This means there is the potential to rapidly increase value.

We have assets located in the highly mineralised Cloncurry district (including tenements fully funded by joint venture partners), the Selwyn district (south of Cloncurry) and the Georgetown area .  All projects are 100% owned by Red Fox.

Red Fox has a small but highly experienced technical team and wide ranging experience at board level.