Georgetown Projects

Georgetown Projects


Red Fox has two project areas in the Georgetown District of North Queensland.


  • Eveleigh Project (EPM 26601) targeting Broken Hill (BHT) style Zinc-Lead -Silver targets.
  • Copper Creek (EPM 26024) targeting IOCG Copper-Gold-Rare Earth targets.

Eveleigh Zinc Project


Broken Hill type targets with historical drilling up to 9.8% Zinc and mineralised zones of up to 24.4m @ 2.5% Zinc.  Red Fox drilling returned similar tenor of mineralisation.  Several copper rich prospects are yet to be tested. 

  • EPM 26601 (Eveleigh)

The Eveleigh Zinc project comprises 300 sq km in the Georgetown district of Northeast Queensland and contains BHT-style zinc mineralisation (e.g. Broken Hill, Cannington) identified during drilling by previous explorers. 

At the Eveleigh Prospect, mineralisation starts from surface, with significant intersections such as 24.4m @ 2.5% Zn, including 1.3m @ 9.8% Zn in previous drilling.  Previous drilling was shallow, is open at depth and along strike, providing walk-up drill targets.

The majority of previous drilling at Eveleigh was completed in the 1960s, before the discovery of Cannington (44Mt @ 4.2% Zn, 8.9% Pb, 383 g/t Ag; BHP, 2007).  Previous explorers interpreted the mineralisation to be skarn style and as a result the holes are poorly targeted.  Modern interpretation indicates that the deposit is possibly BHT style: this changes the targeting strategy (stratiform/bedding parallel) and greatly increases the size potential.

Red Fox drilling at Eveleigh

Red Fox completed diamond drilling of 5 holes at Eveleigh with four holes returning significant intersections. 

Best results were hole EVDD2202 – 16m @ 1.03% Zinc including 3m @ 3% Zinc and further wide zones of mineralisation up to 21m intersected in other holes.  Significant results were:-

EVDD2201 – 7m @ 1.69% Zinc from 65m incl 1m @ 4.68% Zinc

EVDD2202 – 16m @ 1.03% Zinc from 12.4m incl 3m @ 3.09% Zinc

EVDD2203 – 18m @ 1.06% Zinc from 21m incl 1m @ 5.08% Zinc

The style and controls of the mineralisation are not yet well understood and further logging and petrology is proposed, prior to further drill targeting. 


Talaroo Prospects


Copper rich Broken Hill or skarn style targets with little historical exploration. 

  • EPM 26601 (Eveleigh)

At the Talaroo Prospects (Central and Southern Zinc) several BHT style lode horizons over strike lengths of up to 5km  have been defined with outcropping gossans occurring in parts. Only one hole has been drilled by previous workers within the lode horizons although several unsuccessful holes were drilled on adjacent geophysical targets at Southern Zinc.  The prospects are:-

Central Zinc

  • Anomalous rock samples and old workings over 5km strike length
  • Rock chip samples up to 16% copper, 0.32% zinc, 0.64g/t gold
  • Similar stratigraphic setting to Eveleigh Zinc – mafic volcanics adjacent.

Southern Zinc

  • Along strike from Eveleigh Zinc prospect
  • Zinc lode with gossan outcrops >1km long with rock samples up to 2.65% Zn
  • Scattered anomalous copper values in rock samples up to 4.4% copper.

Red Fox proposes geochemical surveys and geological mapping over the Talaroo prospects to refine drill targets on those structures.

Galena from Eveleigh workings



Strong copper in stream anomalies previously defined were followed up by Red Fox.  Work defined a copper in soils zone over 2.2km strike, coincident with a zone of potassium depletion (alteration).  Soils sampling also partly defined an adjacent anomalous zone of zinc and REE elements.

  • EPM 26024 (Copper Creek)

Copper Creek is an IOCG style target with many similarities to the nearby Kaiser Bill deposit (15.0Mt @ 0.8% Cu; Lees, 2015).  The tenement contains strong copper and zinc stream anomalies over 10km strike length, completely untested by drilling.

The main copper anomaly has been confirmed by Red Fox work by soil sampling, which outlined an anomalous soil anomaly over at least 2.2km with a strong coherent zone over 1.2km.  The mineralised zone consists of a mylonite with quartz veining and gossan in outcrop and is coincident with a zone of potassium depletion (albite/carbonate alteration) .

During the soil program to refine the copper target, assays also defined areas of anomalous zinc and rare earth elements (defined by Cesium and lanthanum analyses) which overlap and lie east of the copper anomaly.

At Copper Creek further geological mapping and infill/extension soil sampling is required to understand the mineralisation styles and relationships.

Gossan at Eveleigh